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Garage door services

Garage doors in Charleston are a great way to add character and value to your home. With garage doors being such a visible part of your home, it’s important to choose one that will complement your home and match its style.

Charleston garage doors come in several materials, styles, and finishes. Steel garage doors offer good protection against the elements, while wooden garage doors can create a warm and inviting look for your home. Vinyl garage doors are very low maintenance, while aluminum garage doors provide extra strength and durability.

Garage door installation

No matter what type of garage door you choose for your Charleston property, consider having garage door near you. Professional garage door installation ensures the door is properly fitted and secure, without any gaps or wiggling which can cause openings or break-ins. Professionally installed garage doors also come with a warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that if anything ever happens to it you’re covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Charleston garage door technicians can help you design and install your dream garage door from scratch – whether that’s traditional designs, modern styles or something entirely unique. We’ll also be able to advise on things like remote control openers, sensors for extra security, as well as window options for style and light reflection into the garage itself.

Service & Security

When considering the cost of a new garage door in Charleston it’s important to remember that not only does it add curb appeal and increase security – but it can also improve energy efficiency too! When professionally installed correctly, a garage door should seal out drafts and water as well as reducing noise levels that might otherwise enter through an open garage space.

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